004. simple joy

I cry every time vacation is over. Without fail! Ever since I was a child.

I wish that vacation could be a lifestyle. I crave the joy that comes with No Cares, and spontaneously pursuing Everything Beautiful that is Out There.

But this is real life. So I cope by listing the joys I currently find in real life.

Joy in May 2018:

I feel so joyful coming home to a clean home, everything put away neatly in it’s place. I feel joy in cooking healthy food. I find joy in sipping coffee and spending all morning in bed with my husband. I find joy in that high I sometimes feel during my jog when I push through and reach the top of a hill. I find joy in practicing handstands, and breathing in yoga. I find joy in coming home to my plants surprising me with new leaves. I find joy in the new hydrangeas opening up in front of my house, reminding me of our wedding. I find joy in a hot shower, freshly shaved legs, and coconut oil.

I’m convinced that God cares about the simple parts of life, and gave us these things to find joy in.